Academic support and guidance: roles and responsibilities

You will be expected to be proactive and work on your protocol and project independently, but there are people and structured activities to help you. You will find their names on the Protocol and Project section of WebCT under the “My Grades” section. This also tracks the progress of your project as it develops. This section is maintained by Dr Roberts, who also has overall responsibility for the progress of project work. The support you can expect consists of:

  • some initial discussion with a project facilitator to start you thinking about your project, but only if you do not already have a project
  • input from a project supervisor, negotiated individually depending on your project
  • support from a co-supervisor, if appointed, and depending on your needs group contact time.

Supervisors will expect you to be acquiring the key skills that are taught in this module, such as how to search the literature and present references, and to know other material covered on the course, particularly in the Research Methods in Epidemiology with Basic Statistics module.
If you feel that you are not receiving the support you should, please contact Dr Roberts or Professor Lewis, depending on the course you are following.