Unit 2

Planning a Practitioner Research Project


As a final activity in the PGCE(I) course, we would like you to engage in some research activity as part of your professional practice.

Forms of practitioner research could be an excellent vehicle both for critical reflection and the improvement of practice, throughout your career. As a starting point for this cycle of professional development, we would like you to plan and implement a research project in your own classroom or school.


Your research project should:

  • involve a research or data gathering element
  • be exploratory and investigative in nature
  • raise interesting questions
  • relate existing theory to the study of teacher practices
  • involve contact with learners in school.

The outcomes of your project should be:

  • the benefits to your school
  • a written report of about 3000 words

Assignment Details

For your final assignment, we would like you to write a report based on a practitioner research inquiry into a classroom or school-wide issue. Suggested length is around 3000 words.

The assignment will be formally assessed in relation to Masters level criteria. You will be assessed on:

  • Your knowledge and understanding of key issues within the inquiry
  • Your organisation of research evidence and other material
  • The criticality of your report and its depth of analysis
  • Your ability to draw implications from your research for professional practice
  • The quality of your presentation and the accuracy of your referencing and language.

More detailed guidance on these criteria can be found in the Course Guide.