Unit 2

Collaborative Learning


Although the traditional whole-class approach to classroom teaching has many benefits, there is also plenty of research evidence to show that cooperative learning can promote higher levels of achievement than instructional or transmissive methods of delivery.

Collaborative approaches to learning can promote higher attainment, greater self-esteem, and more positive classroom relationships. In this Unit, you will explore ways of managing and organising effective collaborative learning, particularly through the medium of group work.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Unit, you will have:

  • reflected upon the advantages for pupils' learning of working in small groups
  • considered the importance of pupils learning how to work in groups through the negotiation and implementation of ground rules
  • evaluated the teacher's role in developing successful group work
  • experimented with small group strategies in your own classroom
  • become familiar with a range of collaborative classroom strategies
  • included collaborative strategies in your own medium term lesson planning.