Unit 1

Motivation for Learning


In this unit, you will consider motivation as an aspect of learning. You will be introduced to ideas from the writing of Bruner and Maslow and will be asked to reflect on the reciprocal relationship between educational theoryand classroom practice. You will also be encouraged to explain your personal theory of learning in the light of a general introductory discussion.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, students will have

  • Considered the importance of learning theory for teachers’ classroom practice
  • Worked out the usefulness and possible implications of theories of motivation for students’ learning
  • Started to develop a personal theory of learning.

Assessment Expectations

At the end of this module, you will be asked to produce a draft of your own personal learning theory. You will need to post this theory on the discussion board, then read and respond to the draft learning theories of other members of your cohort.

At the end of the Module, after you have read about and studied a number of influential learning theories in the Units which follow, you will be asked to submit a revised draft of your personal learning theory to your tutor as part of a longer 3000 word assignment. This will be marked against the M level criteria explained in the Course Guide.