Pre-Course 3

Preliminary SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a well established tool for review and development planning. It can be used formally, at the level of a business or other organisation, or at the level of an individual for personal development planning. It can also be used less formally, as in our case here. If you want to know more about SWOT analysis there are numerous pages on the Web - just do a quick search.

In preparation for the face-to-face phase of the Course Induction, make a draft list or grid of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) for you as an adult learner as you prepare for this course. You will be given the opportunity to share the outcomes of your SWOT analysis with others on the course during face-to-face induction, so remember to bring it with you!

  • Broadly speaking, strengths and weaknesses are intrinsic - that is to say, they are characteristics of you, as seen by yourself. Again broadly speaking, opportunities and threats are extrinsic - that is, they are aspects of the context in which you find yourself.
  • The strengths and opportunities which you perceive will give you the confidence with which to succeed. They are a foundation on which to build. They may also enable you to offer support to others in the group.
  • Perceived weaknesses and threats are the source of any concerns or anxieties you may have in relation to the course. Some of the perceived weaknesses and threats might relate to your individual circumstances, but you may go on to find that some are shared by many others in the group.

Make some supplementary notes in preparation for face-to-face induction. These could include how you might support yourself or gain the support of others in relation to the weaknesses and the threats, and how you might go about building on your strengths to your own benefit and perhaps that of others.