Pre-Course 1

Discussion Board

As part of your preparation for the course, you will be asked to make an initial contribution to the Discussion Board. This requires you to go to 'Discussions' on the 'Course Tools' menu, find the the 'Introductory discussion board activity', and introduce yourself very briefly (note that Activity 2 will involve your going into greater depth) to the rest of the group. You should also reply to one other person's introduction as you see fit.

The purpose of this activity is to familiarise you with the Discussion Board, because you will be asked to make regular contributions to it during the course. You will sometimes also be asked to respond to at least one contribution from another student. Of course, you can respond to more if you like.

We believe that regular online discussion will help students to understand aspects of the course more deeply. It can also help to overcome a sense of isolation, which distance learning students occasionally experience, by providing an online meeting place.