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Module 4 tutorial resources

Summary showing important dates for module 4

Module 4 tutorial activity exploring research questions and methods

Table to be completed as part of the tutorial activity for module 4


Plagiarism is explained and defined in the following document:

Plagiarism as an academic offence

If you are in any doubt about the key features of plagiarism, complete the following University of Nottingham tutorial before signing and returning the form below.

Plagiarism tutorial

Plagiarism form

Here is one of the exercises on plagiarism which we completed during the second introductory weekend:

Plagiarism exercise (1) - see Willmott, C.J.R. and Harrison, T. (2003) "An exercise to teach bioscience students about plagiarism". Journal of Biological Education, 37(3) 139-140.

The following supplementary exercise offers further understanding of this important issue:

Plagiarism exercise (2)