The Module 3 assignment invites you to think critically about the relationship between classroom planning and teaching. We would like you to write about 3000 words on ways in which you could improve and develop the teaching of a lesson sequence in your own classroom.

Section 1: A proposed lesson sequence (about 250 words)

Start by selecting a topic which you are planning to teach. Present your initial ideas for this topic as the opening section of your assignment. It is not necessary to produce lesson plans in this section or a formal scheme of work. It is sufficient simply to outline what you wish to cover with some general ideas about possible approaches. It is difficult to say exactly how long the chosen topic should last but, for primary teachers, we would expect it to cover a significant part of one week’s work and, for secondary teachers, activity in your subject area over a fortnight. In other words, there should be enough scope for significant review and development. If you are in any doubt about what would be suitable for this part of the assignment, get in touch with your tutor.

Section 2: Critical evaluation of your lesson sequence (about 750 words)

Using any of the theoretical perspectives which have been presented in Module 3, critically evaluate your proposed lesson sequence. What are its strengths and in what ways could it be improved? Justify how the proposed sequence of lessons reflects good practice in teaching and learning by drawing on materials in the module, for example, in relation to planning, group work, assessment or differentiation. You should write at least 750 words in this section, making specific reference to some of the readings which you have been asked to study in the Module 3 units.

Section 3: Developing the lesson sequence (about 500 words)

Once you have actually taught your lesson sequence, rewrite those parts which could be most effectively changed or improved. Make a list of the key developments which you would like to make in the light of your classroom practice and what you have learned from it. In this section, you do not need to give reasons for these changes.proved. You do not need to present the whole scheme again at this stage. Simply make a list of the key developments which you would like to make. In this section, you do not need to give reasons for these changes.

Section 4: Reflective Commentary (about 1500 words)

In the assignment's final section, you should write a reflective commentary on the different ways in which your proposed curriculum changes are underpinned by pedagogical theory. Again, significant reference should be made in what you write to the readings which you have undertaken during this Module and any other readings which you might find yourself. You do not necessarily need to make reference to material from every Unit in the Module and you might, in this concluding section, make a more in-depth analysis of key areas which have interested or inspired you. You should write at least 1500 words in this section.


Your assignment will be assessed according to Masters level criteria and you will need to use the Harvard system of referencing.

In order to achieve the highest marks,

  • your writing will need to be well organised and skilfully written.
  • you will need to show originality in the explanation of your curriculum developments.
  • you will need to justify their underlying principles with thoughtful and critical arguments.
  • you will need to show that you have studied and understood a range of theoretical ideas in the background reading
  • and you will need to accurately reference this material when you use it in support of your judgements and ideas.