Module 1 Assignment Details

The Module 1 assignment offers you an opportunity to reflect upon the activities which you completed in the first three course units. These activities allowed for some ‘blue skies' thinking about the purposes of education and they grounded your thinking in the development of an understanding of ways in which a stimulating and safe learning environment can be established within classrooms. You are asked to write 3000 words on the subject of My ideal classroom within my ideal school.

  • What experience would the pupils in your ideal classroom have of the school day?
  • What would be the nature of teaching and learning (pedagogy) in the ideal classroom?
  • How would your school's curriculum fulfil its aims?
  • What qualities would your school aim to encourage in its pupils?
  • What kinds of knowledge and values would pupils develop?
  • How would the teachers engage in improving classroom practice?
  1. You are not being asked to answer all of these questions or in this order. The questions above are simply triggers for your thinking but you must focus on both your ideal classroom and your ideal school as part of the assignment.
  2. The assignment is based on the module activities. As well as your process responses, the reflective journal will be of help in writing, as will the reading you completed. You need to make sure that you make reference to the prescribed reading and any other reading you have done to support your account.
  3. Your account of My ideal classroom within my ideal school needs to be an informed one, with some notion of the strengths and weaknesses of what is being proposed, not purely based on personal opinion.
  • You could make reference to ideas on educational values from Chapter 1 ("Values Behind the Practice") by Mike Bottery which we discussed in the first session of the introductory seminar. You could make reference to the ideas of John White on curriculum aims in a changing society (Impact 14, "5. School aims - a proposal" and "6. Rationale").
  • You may well wish to refer at some point to the ideas of Ivan Illich and the chapter on the hidden curriculum by C.J. Marsh (Perspectives: Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum 1, The Falmer Press, 1997, pages 33 to 39).
  • You could explore and reference Trilling and Hood’s ideas (in Paechter et al.) on ways in which the Knowledge Age changes educational aims.
  • You might make use of material from the chapters by Kress et al., Kutnick et al., Hargreaves and Moyles in your analysis of the ideal classroom.

In order to be successful, your writing will need to be well organised and skilfully written. You will need to show originality in the explanation of your ideal classroom and school and their underlying principles, justifying your ideas with thoughtful and critical arguments. You will need to show that you have understood the practical applicability of theoretical ideas in the background reading and you will need to accurately reference this material when you use it in support of your judgements and arguments.