Activity 7

Review of Your Own Planning

READ: Read Chapter 2 of Essential Teaching Skills by Chris Kyriacou. It deals with the principles of effective planning and preparation in the context of schools in England. As you read, make notes of any point which you think would be important for your own practice.

REFLECT: Review a series of your own lesson plans. How has your planning developed since you started teaching?

WRITE: In the light of your reading and reflection, write notes about your lesson plans. How successful have you been in avoiding the following common mistakes made by inexperienced teachers?

  1. The learning objectives do not specify what the student will actually learn during the lesson.
  2. Proposed learning activities do not contribute in a direct and effective way to the learning objectives.
  3. Learning materials are extraneous to the proposed learning activities.
  4. Assessment during the lesson is not connected to the learning objectives.
  5. The pupils do not have the prerequisites of knowledge and understanding required to succeed in the lesson.

(Allow 25 minutes)