Activity 6

The purposes of one curriculum subject

We often take the curriculum for granted. We tend to accept that subjects should be included in the curriculum because they have always been included.

REFLECT: What are the main curriculum subjects in your own school? Do you understand the reasons why each of these subjects is taught?

Here, for example, is one secondary teacher's explanation as to why Citizenship is taught in his school in England:

"Citizenship is a very important subject because it gives children a sense of the society in which they live, how it works and the part they can play in making it better. One of the subject's aims is to encourage active citizenship and the development of a ‘citizenship culture' in every classroom. Pupils learn the basic principles of political literacy through active involvement in school decision-making at a variety of levels. During lessons, they learn about traditions of community involvement and public service. They learn about global issues such as human rights and the future of the planet, and more local issues, such as crime and punishment, equal opportunities and the workings of the political system".

WRITE: Write a similar paragraph, of not more than 100 words, explaining to a possibly sceptical audience how one teaching subject might fit into the curriculum as a whole and the purposes for studying this subject. Post your 100 words in the discussion space on WebCT and then comment on another teacher's contribution.

(Allow 30 minutes)