Activity 5

Your Own Draft Theory of Learning

Now that you have completed the major part of this unit, we would like you to pull together your initial ideas about learning. You do not at this point need to focus specifically on motivation although you may include comments on the importance of motivation in what you write.

REFLECT: Begin by thinking about the following questions:

  • How do you personally learn best?
  • How do pupils learn best in your own classroom?
  • What is the difference between learning and performance?
  • How many different kinds of learning are there?
  • Why is it important to study the learning process?

WRITE: In the light of your answers to these questions, please draft, in not more than 400 words, your own personal theory of learning. When you have finished, post this personal statement on the discussion board, then read and respond to the draft learning theories of two other members of your cohort.

At the end of this Module, after you have read about and studied a number of influential learning theories in the Units which follow, you will be asked to submit a revised draft of your personal learning theory to your tutor as part of a longer 3000 word assignment. This will be marked against the M level criteria explained in the Course Guide