Activity 4

Extending Your Repertoire

There are several other strategies which will help you to make group work purposeful in your own classroom. In this file, you will find details of tried-and-tested collaborative small group strategies such as pair talk, listening triads, envoys, rainbow groups and jigsaw.

In this second file, you will find classroom examples of several of these strategies. Each example is introduced with a number.

READ: Link the number of each example in the second file to a strategy in the first file, e.g. Pair work - examples 12 and 14; Spokesperson - examples 13 and 15 etc.

WRITE: When you have completed the reading exercise, write about the potential helpfulness of each strategy in your own classroom. What are the learning features of each strategy? What management challenges could each strategy pose? Record your thoughts on a chart like this one.

(Allow 25 minutes)