Activity 4

Creating a Positive Classroom Ethos

It is very important for teachers to be able to establish stimulating and safe classroom environments which support learning and in which pupils can feel secure and confident.

READ: Read some advice from Scotland on creating a positive classroom ethos.

REFLECT: What do educators mean by ‘ethos’? Why is it important? How does the whole school ethos impact on the classroom?

READ: Read the blog at

REFLECT: What is the value and purpose of classroom display in contributing to a stimulating and safe learning environment?

REFLECT: How do wall displays and seating arrangements impact on the quality of classroom learning? Could minimalist approaches be effective? To what extent do you think that the answers to these questions could vary according to the age range of the pupils?

WRITE: Make a list of what you consider to be five important factors in creating a positive classroom ethos, including some detail about the key features of each.

(Allow 30 minutes)