Activity 4 is a secure international online learning community for primary and secondary schools.

Click on and familiarise yourself with the information presented. Seek approval from your school's principal or headteacher to register your school with Rafi-ki. Note that all registration outside the UK is free.

Put your school 'on the map' by registering for the appropriate level of primary or secondary membership.

Then explore features:

  • In the Atlas area, pupils can safely publish information about themselves.
  • Lesson ideas can be shared in the Resources area.
  • In the School Yard, pupils can chat to each other across the planet and make contributions to an online newspaper.
  • The Projects section stores curriculum-driven projects from particular countries which teachers in other countries are free to use and adapt.
  • In the Communicate section, pupils and teachers can talk to each other across the world through email, video-conferencing, and instant messaging.
  • Staff Room is an area where teachers can share resources and best practice, supporting and advising each other.

WRITE: After exploring at least two areas of the website in some depth, write about their potential usefulness for your own school or in your own classroom.

(Allow 40 minutes)