Activity 3

Medium Term Planning

Before you plan individual lessons, you need an overall idea of what is planned for pupils over a period of time. Medium term plans usually outline what is to be achieved over the period of a few weeks.

Medium-term plans help teachers to understand how work to be undertaken over a few weeks will fit together and address pupils' educational needs.

A medium term plan will usually offer detail about:

  • class and subject
  • the term in which the work will be carried out
  • curriculum areas encompassed
  • learning activities proposed
  • learning objectives
  • links to other areas in the programme of study

Think about the activities which are presented in two medium-term plans, one from your own school and one from the UK's DCFS website. Choose two plans at a similar age level and from the same subject area.

You will find a wide range of medium-term plans from the DCSF if you follow this link and then click ‘Customise your Curriculum'

REFLECT: What is the balance of activity in each plan? Are the suggested activities likely to motivate pupils? Are the activities incremental in terms of pupil learning? Which activities would you replace, what with, and why?

WRITE: Create a chart or diagram which compares the two medium-term plans in terms of their variety of learning activity and the ways in which they enable pupils to meet new material.

(Allow one hour)