Activity 3

Three Further Influential Factors

Of course there are many other influences within the classroom which significantly affect its organization and management. Three particularly influential factors are:

  • teachers themselves - their beliefs and values and how these underpin all other elements of classroom organization and management;
  • children - their family backgrounds, age range and individual learning and behavioural needs;
  • the learning environment – the human and physical resources of the classroom.

READ: Read about these influences in the chapter by Janet Moyles, also available in your readings booklet.

Moyles, J. (2002) 'A place for everything...? The teaching and learning environment" in J. Moyles and G. Robinson (editors)
Beginning Teaching: Beginning Learning in Primary Education, second edition, Maidenhead: Open University Press

REFLECT: How were the three factors mentioned above influential during the observation which you undertook in activity 2?

WRITE: Make a list of other kinds of information which might help you in developing an understanding of these three factors. How might they be collected?

(Allow 20 minutes)