Activity 3

Exploring Links

The British Council offers a range of funded opportunities for professional development and links with schools around the world. It manages the Global Gateway website on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), which provides support and information for schools looking to develop international partnerships, including a partner-finding database and international resources for the classroom.

Explore the possibilities for finding a partner school somewhere else in the world on the following BBC website which has many international links.

REFLECT: What would be the advantages of online collaboration with a partner school somewhere else in the world? What would be the benefits for your pupils? What would be the benefits for your own professional development?

WRITE: EITHER Write a letter to teachers in a school in another country, inviting them to collaborate with your school, and explaining the potential benefits; if appropriate, send the letter to the school but also send a copy to your tutor. OR Write a response to the three questions in the 'Reflect' activity above.

(Allow 35 minutes)