Activity 1

Importance of Effective Planning

In a book about school improvement research, Harris describes effective teachers as those who are:

"good at setting a clear framework and objectives for each lesson. The effective teacher is very systematic in the preparation for, and execution of, each lesson. The lesson planning is done in the context of the broader curriculum and longer-term plans. It is a very structured approach, beginning with a review of previous lessons, and an overview of the objectives of the lesson linked to previous lessons". (Harris et al., 2002, page 59).

REFLECT: Would you agree that there is a close relationship between the success of a lesson and the quality of its planning? Is this always true?

WRITE: Write a brief account of a successful lesson which you have taught or observed recently. How did the planning influence this success? Then write about a recent lesson which was less than successful. To what extent did the problems arise from weak planning?

(Allow 25 minutes)