Activity 1

The Value of Observation

Carefully guided classroom observation can be invaluable in helping teachers at all stages of their careers to improve their practice. For you, such observation could take several forms:

  • by you of other teachers
  • by other teachers of you
  • by you of you - via video

READ: Read Chapter 3, "Seeing clearly: observation in the primary classroom" by Linda Hargreaves (see Module 1 readings booklet) in preparation for the classroom observation which you will be asked to undertake in the next activity.

Hargreaves, L. (2002) 'Seeing clearly: observation in the primary classroom' in J. Moyles and G. Robinson (editors), Beginning teaching : beginning learning in Primary Education, second edition, Maidenhead: Open University Press.

WRITE: List three advantages and three disadvantages of structured as opposed to open-ended classroom observation.

(Allow 25 minutes)