Aims and Objectives


On completing this module, the learning outcomes are such that students will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • A2 Apply core advanced economic theory and quantitative methods to applied topics.
  • A3 Show understanding of advanced analytical methods, both theory- and modelbased.
  • A4 Show understanding of relevant mathematical and statistical techniques.

Intellectual Skills

  • B1 apply complex ideas to solve problems
  • B2 work with abstract concepts and in a context of generality
  • B3 reason logically and work analytically
  • B5 understand the contexts in which problems are addressed

Professional / Practical Skills

  • C1 identify appropriate economic models to analyse problems
  • C2 select and apply appropriate techniques to solve problems
  • C3 justify conclusions using economic arguments with appropriate rigour

Transferable Skills

  • D1 apply mathematical, statistical and graphical techniques in an appropriate manner
  • D2 communicate effectively and clearly in written and oral formats