Aims and Objectives

The main aims of this module are:

The main aims of this module are:

  • To introduce such fundamental statistical concepts as probability, the normal distribution, sampling distributions, point estimation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.
  • To introduce the ideas behind regression analysis through simple linear regression. (Second year modules take this a good deal further by introducing multiple regression, its extensions and applications).

On completing this module, the learning outcomes are such that students will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • A4 Demonstrate understanding of verbal, graphical, mathematical and econometric representation of economic ideas and analysis, including the relationship between them.
  • A5 Show understanding of relevant mathematical and statistical techniques.
  • A7BSc Demonstrate more extensive knowledge and skills of quantitative or theoretical modelling areas of economics and/or econometrics

Intellectual Skills:

  • B1 apply complex ideas to solve problems
  • B3 reason logically and work analytically
  • B4 perform with high levels of accuracy¬†

Professional / Practical Skills:

  • C2 select and apply appropriate techniques to solve problems
  • C4 use appropriate IT packages effectively

Transferable Skills:

  • D1 apply mathematical, statistical and graphical techniques in an appropriate manner
  • D3 analyse and solve complex problems accurately.¬†

Emphasised learning outcomes from the study of this module are A7(BSc), B4, C2, D3.