Surveys of US and UK Politics

I expect that most of you will have some background knowledge of the contemporary politics and political history of the US and/or UK. If not, I suggest you take an early chance to acquaint yourselves with the basics by consulting any of the below.

When you come to answer essays in Section B you will find it useful to have a firm grasp of the national, political and historical context in which works of fiction were produced.

Once you have a grasp of the basics you should use these texts‟ bibliographies and footnotes for more detailed information. You should also refer to the texts listed for weeks 7 and 8.

US politics

  • Edward Ashbee, US Politics Today (2004)
  • Alan Grant & Edward Ashbee, The Politics Today companion to American government (2002)
  • Duncan Watts, Understanding American government and politics (2006)
  • David H. McKay, American politics and society (2005)
  • John Kentleton, President and nation: the making of modern America (2002)
  • Robert Singh (ed), Governing America : the politics of a divided democracy (2003)

UK politics

  • Peter Clarke, Hope and Glory. Britain 1900-1990 (2004)
  • Michael Foley, The Politics of the British Constitution (1999)
  • Bill Jones et al, Politics UK (2001)
  • Dennis Kavanagh et al, British Politics (2006)
  • Kenneth Morgan, Britain since 1945. The People’s Peace (2001)
  • Paul Webb, The Modern British Party System (2000)