Surveys of US and UK cinema

I don't expect many of you to have a strong grasp of cinema in the US or UK so it is important that you get a sense of that early into the module – the workshops should be especially useful in that regard. Below are some texts that tackle different aspects of the respective national cinemas during much of the C20th. They will also be relevant when writing yours essays.

You should note that there are more works on cinema and US politics compared to work on the UK – this is one of the many instances in which British academics lag behind their American counterparts.

UK cinema

  • Robert Murphy, Realism and Tinsel. Cinema and Society in Britain 1939-49 (1992)
  • Sue Harper and Vincent Porter, British Cinema of the 1950s. The Decline of Deference (2003),
  • Charles Barr, Ealing Studios (1993)
  • Vincent Porter, 'Methodism versus the market place: the Rank Organisation and British cinema' and Jeffrey Richards, 'British film censorship', both in Robert Murphy (ed), The British Cinema Book (1997)
  • Andrew Spicer, Sydney Box (2006)
  • Peter Forster, 'J. Arthur Rank and the shrinking screen' in Phillip Sissons and Michael French (eds), Age of Austerity, 1945-51 (1964).
  • Philip Gillett, The British Working Class in Postwar Film (Manchester, 2003)
  • Andrew Spicer, Typical Men. The Representation of Masculinity in Popular British Cinema (2001)
  • J. Richards and A. Aldgate, Best of British. Cinema and Society, 1930-1970 (1983)
  • M. Landy, British Film Genres. Cinema and Society, 1930-1960 (1991)
  • T.J. Hollins, „The Conservative Party and Film Propaganda between the Wars‟, English Historical Review 96:379 (1981)

US cinema

  • Ronald Brownstein, The Power and the Glory. The Hollywood-Washington Connection (1992)
  • Philip John Davies and Paul Wells (eds), American Film and politics from Reagan to Bush Jr (2002)
  • Daniel P. Franklin, Politics and Film: The Political Culture of Film in the United States (2006)
  • Ernest Giglio, Here's Looking at You: Hollywood, Film and Politics (2005)
  • Peter J. Haas and Terry Christensen, Projecting Politics: Political Messages in American Films (2005)
  • Joseph Natoli, Hauntings: Popular Film and American Culture, 1990-1992 (1994)
  • Brian Neve, Film and Politics in America: A Social Tradition (1992)
  • Steven J. Ross, Working-Class Hollywood. Silent Film and the Shaping of Class in America (1998)
  • Steven J. Ross (ed), Movies and American Society (2002)
  • Ian Scott, American Politics in Hollywood Film (2000)
  • Robert Sklar, Movie-Made America: A Cultural History of American Movies (1975)
  • Robert Toplin, History by Hollywood (1995)
  • Robin Wood, Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan (1986)