Lecture/Seminar Titles

The lecture and seminar titles are available by clicking this link.

I strongly recommend that you attend lectures as there I will impart basic knowledge, in particular outlining key arguments, approaches and themes – and so providing you with the framework for your independent study.

Seminars give you the chance to discuss specific issues raised in lectures in some depth; here the onus in is on you, rather than me, my role being limited to that of facilitator (i.e. someone who assists by encouraging those in attendance to find their own solutions to any problems I pose).

The main purpose of the Seminars in this module is however to learn how to interpret fiction, something that is not as obvious as you might initially think: hence your active participation is vital if you wish to do well.

You should spend about 10 hours a week researching per module, and this module is no different.

So, while lectures and seminars are important to your learning, the main emphasis is on you to develop points raised in them. If used properly – by preparing adequately for them and thinking through any issues you wish to raise - the seminars can be an invaluable means of test running any ideas you may have picked up during your researches and so help support your individual research.

I will ask you to keep diary of what you have done between seminars, which we can discuss at the start of every seminar.