Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed the module you should be able to demonstrate:

i) Knowledge and understanding: An understanding of the literature analysing representative politics

  • A critical appreciation of the literature on the contemporary 'crisis' of politics;
  • A capacity to use fictional depictions of politics to assess changing attitudes to the subject;
  • Ability to compare and contrast the experience of the US and UK.

ii) Intellectual skills

  • Aptitude in applying conceptual, original and independent thinking;
  • A facility for critical analysis, synthesis and reasoned argument;

iii) Professional/Practical skills

  • Advanced research skills through the identification, location and exploitation of appropriate material;

iv) Transferable & Key skills

  • Skills of assessment and judgment through discriminating between a variety of competing arguments generated by historians, political scientists and journalists;
  • Oral and written presentational skills through the need to produce seminar presentations and essays;
  • Skills of self-direction, self-evaluation and time management.