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Further Reading

Online Teaching Materials

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Introduction to Sustainability

Sustainability Metrics

Delft University of Technology

Sustainabile Development for engineers, Lecture 1: Introduction


University of Idaho

Principles of Sustainability

Doculecture: Sustainable Development


Web Resources

Wikipedia Sustainability

YouTube Animation on Sustainability

Towards Sustainability

Global Education Project:

United nations Population statistics:

UK Engineering Council Guidance on Sustainability



Sustainability by Design: a subversive strategy for transforming our consumer culture, John R. Ehrenfeld, 2008, Yale University Press

The Principals of Sustainability, Simon Dresner, 2008, Earthscan, London

Positive Development: from vicious circles to virtuous cycles through built environment design, Janis Birkeland, 2008, Earthscan, London

The Sustainability Revolution: portrait of a paradigm shift, Andres R Edwards, 2005, New Society Publishers